Hail Satan.


I’m a street nigga, dog, everybody knAnnotateows that
So a hater get smashed, bond money on deck
Gave my dog half a brick for a ‘73 donk
Got that bullfrog yay, cause I know it’s gon’ jump
I’m a real street nigga, do you understand me?
I’m a walking bankroll, breezy, rubber-band me

Red Monkeys on my ass, Gucci frames on my face
Got that “Tony Tiger Kush,” man, pimpin’ smoke great
Every time my phone ring, dog, it’s eighteen-five
Only problem that I have is what car I’m gon’ drive
Im a real street nigga, I ain’t never had shit
Man, this chain ‘round my neck cost four or five bricks

I’m a street nigga, dog, I don’t love no bitch
I ain’t talkin’ to you, baby, ‘less you buyin’ ten bricks

Bought an ‘06 Lamb’ with the butterfly doors
That’s a quarter-million dollars gone, just to pull hoes